How to drive on the highway

‘Best practices in maximizing traffic flow’

How many times have you almost bumped into another driver on the highway who was driving slow in the left lane? Or how many times have you caught yourself driving slow on the left lane yourself after receiving several shouts and being flipped off by other drivers? How many people actually know that the left lane is for passing? There are basically two types of drivers in the world: people who get upset about those who drive very slowly in the left lane, and other drivers that have absolutely no idea that this is even a problem. The truth is, when drivers drive slow in the left lane of a highway, it makes traffic more dangerous for everybody involved. In Aruba we have the Sasaki road and the most recently built Green Corridor which are currently the only highways on the island consisting of four lanes two ways. According to The Aruba Driving School, if more people could begin to learn how this works, we would have fewer traffic jams and also our roads would be a lot safer.
The Aruba Driving School provides all the information on this subject and more through their social media platform online which has lead more people to pay more attention in traffic.

Changing lanes more dangerous than speeding
Being a relatively slow driver, and scattering from one lane to the other can cause that faster drivers have to repeatedly slow down and change lanes many times. This increasing the chances of causing an accident. If all the slower drivers were to remain on the right lane, a much faster driver could pass them all at once in the left lane and get back over to the right. This cuts down on the total number of lane changes and eliminates the slowing down of traffic.
A message from state troopers in the United States geared towards slow driving individuals states: ‘move over, or get a ticket.’ Some people argue that as long as they are going the speed limit, they do not really have to move over.
But there is evidence that slowing down and changing lanes is actually more dangerous than speeding. Research has shown that the strongest predictor of an accident is the variance from the average speed of traffic. A car going five miles per hour slower than the surrounding traffic, has a greater chance of causing an accident than one going five miles per hour faster.

Getting used to the changes or get flipped off!
Historically, the police have never paid much attention to slow left-lane drivers. But recently there have been more campaigns in states like Washington, Texas, Ohio and various other cities in the world where the police are actually issuing tickets to drivers whom they spot driving slow in the left lane. This is something that has always been illegal in the state of Michigan in the United States. Now officers are rolling out this new education effort to help the public understand just what they can and cannot do when it comes to this way of driving. A good example of this is the Autobahn in Germany. This is Germany’s highway network which has long stretches of roads with no speed limits and has surprisingly low accident rates. According to some researchers, one reason for this is that German drivers are more likely to stay in the right line for traveling and only use the left lane for passing. Aruba is now getting a bit of a facelift when it comes to our infrastructure and traffic with the introduction of the Green Corridor Project and the Watty Vos Boulevard. These projects have been in the pipeline for development for some years now and are now finally being executed. For many drivers on the island, it will become a matter of getting used to the new changes and basically re-programming themselves to know and understand these simple traffic rules. Drivers on the island are used to driving on two-lane two-way roads and are now going to have new four-lane two-way roads to keep into account. Drivers will have to be more aware not to drive so slow the next time they find themselves driving in the left-lane or be haunted by honking and getting flipped off by angry drivers!