Buying a car on Aruba is relatively easy. You can find cars for sale all over the island. Wether it is from a used car dealer or a new car dealerships, you will surely find what you are looking for. According to the Kelly Blue Book, about 17.2 million cars and trucks were sold in North America last year. That is slightly lower compared to 17.6 million vehicles sold in 2016. However, it still qualifies as a solid market. In the previous years for example, Americans have continued opting for larger vehicles over smaller passenger vehicles. This same trend is also reflected on the island of Aruba. Over the past few years shoppers have been migrating from cars like: sedans, coupes, wagons and hatchbacks to trucks and SUVs amid steadier gas prices and low interest rates. Anyone shopping for popular SUVs in 2017 saw bigger discounts; but anyone shopping for lower-riding counterparts have still seen larger deals. Granted, anyone shopping for a new car, not only the best-selling cars like the Toyota Corolla or Honda Civic, have received bigger discounts in 2017. Incentives increased industrywide last year – a trend averaging $3,672 for the year. The auto market kept its momentum in 2017, thanks to those strong SUV and pickup truck sales. Most of the best-selling vehicles in 2017 have something important in common: they all sell in big numbers, meaning that they are big generators of profit for their manufacturers. Let us take a look at some of the best sellers of 2017.


1. Suzuki Vitara
The Suzuki Vitara was one of the top best-sellers of 2017. It is available at the official Suzuki dealership on Aruba named Ultimate Automobiles. It is a very spacious car with the ability to switch from automatic to manual drive. It also includes a dynamic interior design and efficient fuel economy. The Vitara was quickly categorized as the model for the next generation. Besides being a bit of a smaller version of the Grand Vitara, the Suzuki Vitara still offers a supreme and innovative cabin with up-to-date technological services. This vehicle quickly appealed to a much younger clientele.

2. Kia Rio
Another bestseller in 2017 was the KIA Rio which is available at Top Car Aruba. Seen as the perfect gift for a recent graduate due to its sporty features is also considered to be ideal for a small family. Its interior is completely equipped and includes an extra charging station for your electrical devices as well. Many buyers also commented on the efficiency of the fuel.

3. Mazda CX-3 Core
The subcompact crossover SUV at the Mazda dealership called Stern, was a family favorite last year. A car that is not too big nor too small; ideally compact and beneficial as far as fuel usage.

4. Honda CR-V
Available at Jossy Motors, the Honda CR-V was also one of the best-sellers of 2017 due to its ‘all-in-one’ package. It has an excellent interior design, efficient in fuel usage and carries a huge cargo space. It is indeed one of the most well-equipped models at a very reasonable price.

5. Toyota RAV4 Midsize SUV
Hybrid models are mostly preferred by people who want to save money on fuel usage. The Toyota RAV4 is available at Garage Cordia. Other reasons it’s on the best-selling list of 2017, is due to its contribution to the environment. The Netherlands promised that by 2025 there will be no more Diesel cars on the Dutch roads. This is the direction the Toyota dealership feels the world must shift to.

6. Hyundai Accent
The Hyundai Accent available at Garage Centraal, is the ideal car for first time buyers who are price concious and concerned about fuel economy. Many people consider this car to be very easy-going, practical to drive, and helps you save a lot of money when it comes to service and general maintenance.

7. Ford Ecosport
Finally the Ford Ecosport, available at the Ford dealership Yrausquin, was a big favorite as well in 2017 due to its elegant interior and exterior design, which has been totally reconstructed. This car has a large touchscreen, smartphone connections and other innovative technological services.


Aruba is a one happy car island. Aruba loves all types of cars and will continue to do so. With improvements in the infrastructure of the island coming along, new highways and roads being constructed, more people are driving around in nice cars and with much more confidence. Globally, passenger cars and light commercial vehicle sales recorded an increase of almost 5% during the first quarter of 2017, according to figures released by JATO Dynamics. Vehicle registrations totalled 21.24 million across the 52 markets covered by JATO. The year 2017 has been far from a shabby year for automakers. The continuing rise of SUV, crossover, and pickup-trucks sales fueled plenty of growth and profitability, even when major players including General Motors, Ford, Toyota, and Fiat Chrysler saw minor sale declines overall.